10th International Symposium on Veterinary Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

July 30 - August 3, 2018

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AARV/ACVSMR Laboratory Session Information - July 30, 2018

ACVSMR is also proud to present two pre-symposium laboratories:


Canine Sports Medicine & Regenerative Medicine Workshop - $750 - Registration Deadline April 30

Dr. Sherman Canapp and Dr. Debra Canapp

Full-day laboratory

Sports injuries occur in working and sporting dogs, but also arise from everyday activities and weekend fun. This one-day course is designed to help you learn more about veterinary sports medicine. Lectures will provide participants with the basic knowledge of how to utilize musculoskeletal diagnostic ultrasound for diagnosing soft tissue injuries, techniques for using diagnostic needle scope for diagnosing intra-articular pathology, and treatment of injuries using intra-articular regenerative medicine injections. Techniques and anatomical landmarks (including iliopsoas, stifle, elbow, shoulder, hip, and carpal/tarsal areas) for musculoskeletal diagnostic ultrasound and diagnostic needle scope will be demonstrated and practiced on cadavers. Participants will learn proper collection techniques for platelet rich plasma and bone marrow aspiration in a clinical setting. Processing techniques will be demonstrated and participants will practice finding anatomical landmarks and applicable injection sites on cadavers. In addition, uses and indications for hyaluronic acid will be discussed, and attendees will be able to practice injecting the product in cadavers.


Rehabilitation of the Neurologic Horse - $100

Dr. Steve Adair

3 hour laboratory

This lab will instruct the participant different techniques that can be used to improve neurologic disease in the horse. Exercises and techniques that strengthen muscle and improve proprioception will be utilized. Techniques include underwater treadmill, Equiband System, Balance Pads, Ground poles, Platforms and Seesaws. Therapeutic monitoring will also be discussed and demonstrated.


Please note: Session topic and speaker are subject to change.