10th International Symposium on Veterinary Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

July 30 - August 3, 2018

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Call for Abstracts

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Poster Presentation Guidelines

The 10th Symposium of the International Association of

Veterinary Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

August 1-3, 2018

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, USA




The organizers of the 10th International Symposium on Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy in Veterinary Medicine invite veterinarians, physical therapists, veterinary technicians, physical therapist assistants, other veterinary professionals, researchers, and students to submit abstracts for consideration for podium or poster presentations. All abstracts undergo a blinded peer review process by a scientific committee.


Accepted abstracts (research and clinical) will be published in Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica through BioMed Central and indexed in PubMed Central.


Proceedings of the 9th Symposium are available here


Abstracts must be received via email by June 1, 2018


Research Abstracts

Abstracts submitted for consideration for the research session should be based on a scientific investigation to test a hypothesis.  The research may be conducted in a laboratory or clinical setting, but must have adequate controls or similar groups to prove or disprove the hypothesis.


Clinical Abstracts

Abstracts submitted for consideration for the clinical session include case reports of unique cases or case series of similar cases. Adequate follow-up evaluation and outcome measures should be reported.


Evaluation is a two-step process

1.                  After scoring, submissions will be ranked and selected for podium presentations in order of scored superiority until all available podium positions are filled. If a presenter that has been selected for a podium presentation prefers a poster presentation this is acceptable.

2.                  Remaining submissions will then be designated for poster presentations unless authors have declined this option on the abstract submission form.


Oral (podium/platform) presentation format – Presentations will comprise 15 minutes duration, of which 12 minutes should be dedicated to presentation of the abstract information, and 3 minutes to relevant questions.


Poster presentation format – Graphic material that an audience might wish to review at leisure, such as histological illustrations or complex data forms are particularly appropriate for poster presentation. Posters are expected to be available for viewing throughout the duration of the meeting, and it is expected that posters will be attended by one or more of the authors to answer specific questions regarding content during the poster session.


Submissions should be saved as a Microsoft Word document. To do so, when saving your document choose “Save As” and select “Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx)” for the file type. The first portion of file name should be your last name followed by the abstract category (clinical or research) (e.g JonesClinicalPT2016.doc).

Please follow the format instructions carefully.


The Committee will only accept abstracts that comply with Humane Care and Use of Animals. At least one author must be registered for the conference and available to present at their assigned time.

On the abstract information form, indicate your choice for a session (e.g., Research Podium Presentation Session, Clinical Podium Presentation Session, Research Poster Session, Clinical Poster Session).  If your abstract is not chosen for a podium presentation and you wish to be considered for the Poster Session, please indicate this on the form.


Abstracts will be scored using the following categories:


Originality – Awards the highest scores for significant new findings (including new methods) and lower scores for updates or modifications to well established findings.

Quality/ContentAwards the best scores to abstracts that significantly advance our understanding of rehabilitation by demonstrating the use of sound scientific methodology and an appropriate conceptual framework. This would also include the development of underlying theory. 

Importance/Impact – Gives the best scores to abstracts that present significant new information or that provide a conceptual advance in our understanding of a broader subject area

Presentation/Clarity – Awards the highest scores to abstracts that clearly state the hypotheses to be tested (if appropriate for that topic) or the specific objectives to be attained, the methods used, the main results, and that give a concise interpretation of the findings.


Guidelines for Authors: Preparation of Abstracts


Please follow the attached Guidelines for abstract submission

Electronically send two copies of the abstract in Microsoft Word (1 identified and one blinded). 


To view the guidelines for abstract submission, please click here.


1.      Attach one document with all information requested

2.      Attach 1 blinded document (No names, institutions, or identifying information should appear on the abstract).


Email to: David-Levine@utc.edu

If questions, please email David-Levine@utc.edu