Who should attend?

This symposium is unique in its ability to bring together professionals with a variety of backgrounds, including veterinarians, physiotherapists, veterinary technicians/nurses, veterinary chiropractorsveterinary acupuncturists, physical therapist assistants, and occupational therapists and assistants, as well as professionals who share a common interest to provide optimal treatment and management options for injured and disabled animals. We invite you to participate in the great program we have planned!

An important component of this symposium is to develop and strengthen the area of veterinary rehabilitation and physical therapy, and the very important relationship between professionals working within the field. The theme for this meeting is "The Athlete," with an emphasis on evidence-based therapy and medicine that can cross disciplines. 

We are excited to host such a diverse group of professionals that will come together to help improve the quality of life of veterinary patients. We hope you will enjoy the symposium and take the opportunity to develop professional relationships that will endure across the world! 

Why you should attend?

The symposium will be held at the Knoxville Convention Center. in Knoxville, Tennessee, home of the University of Tennessee. The theme of the IAVRPT meeting held on August 1-3, is "The Athlete," athletes may be dogs or horses involved in world class competitions, community-based working animals, or pets that participate in a variety of physical activity, such as agility, field trial, hiking, racing, jumping, etc. 

The first morning sessions include a general “State of the Art” lecture session with experts covering topics that transcend species boundaries. Special sessions will be available each day, such as physiology of the athlete, new modalities, nutrition of the athlete, and athletic performance and injuries. 

Featured breakout sessions

There are also optional breakfast sessions where attendees will have an opportunity for more informal discussion on a topic of interest with an expert lecturer. We are offering optional pre-conference laboratory sessions that are scheduled separate from the general sessions. In addition, for the first time ever, we will have a World Rehabilitation Summit Day on Tuesday, July 31. Various rehabilitation-affiliated organizations will have a day of meetings for their members as well as attendees of the IAVRPT Symposium.